REDUCE YOUR LEARNING CURVE! - For the advancing player

Join Mark Bumgardner who is teaching the following lessons:

The Overall Bridge Player Series - Practice Hands to Improve Your All Around Game - Thursday April 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th

This will be an ongoing class on a variety of topics. Play topics will include; Hand Evaluation, Identifying Winners & Losers, Developing Long Suits, Trumping Losers, Avoiding Dangerous Opponents, Hold Up Plays, Simple Endplays, Counting and much more. Defensive techniques will include; Suit Preference, Counting and Attitude Signals and Basic Uppercut Techniques.

You will obtain expert tips on bidding to include; hand evaluation, cuebidding, game tries, control showing bids, stopper bids and much more. Specific hands will be provided to illustrate the above points. After each hand, the bidding and pertinent play aspects will be discussed and you will be provided a printout of the hands and analysis. This is a great way to improve all aspects of your game and take it to the next level.


Lebensohl over No Trump- Tuesday, April 14

We will be discussing the Lebensohl convention when the opponents compete over our opening Notrump bid. Learn how to bid competitive hands, invitational hands and forcing hands. You will also learn how to use stayman with the ability to show and deny stoppers in the opponents bid suit.

Please call Mark at 214-223-5219 or email at to sign up.

All lessons are 4:30 - 6:30 PM Cost is $25 per person


BRIDGE CLASS FOR 299ers - Standard American System

Join Dr. Dion Dubois for the following lessons:

April 8th -
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Opener (1st Or 2nd Seat), (3rd Seat) and (4th Seat): Opening Bids (Minor, Major, 1NT, 2NT, 2C), Overcalls
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Responser Without Interference: Responses To Opening Bids (Minor Or Major), Forcing Bids, Stayman (NT)
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Responser With Interference: Forcing Bids, Takeout Doubles and Weak Jump Shifts
  • Rebids By Opener: Support Doubles
  • Rebids By Responder: New Minor Forcing

April 15th - Play Of The Hand: Counting Winners And Losers, Finessing, Ruffing Losers

April 29th - Defense: Opening Leads – No Trump & Suits, Third Hand High, Second Hand Low, Partner Signals – Attitude, Count And Suit Preference, Standard Discards

May 6th -
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Opener (1st Or 2nd Seat), (3rd Seat) And (4th Seat): - Preempts, Rule Of 20, Rule Of 15
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Responser Without Interference: - Strong 2 Club, Weak Jump Shifts, Weak 2s, Preempts
May 13th -
  • Hand Evaluation Of The Responser With Interference: - Responsive Doubles
  • Rebids By Opener: Maximal Doubles
  • Rebids By Responder: Fourth Suit Forcing
May 20th -
  • Play Of The Hand: Discarding Losers On Winners, Discarding, Losers On Losers, Quick Tricks And Slow Tricks
  • Defense and Advanced: Odd/Even Discards, Hold Up Play, Michaels, Slam Bidding
  • Tournament Play: When To Be Proactive And Bid Or Sacrifice; ACBL Rules You Need To Know

Please email Mr. Dubois at to sign up!

All lessons are 12:30 - 2:30 PM followed by a 12-board game from 2:30 - 4:30. ACBL points will be awarded! Each class is $12.50 or $75 for the series

Dr.Dubois is a Bronze Life Master and a National Board Certified Teacher and experienced bridge mentor for the past three years.