REDUCE YOUR LEARNING CURVE! - For the advancing player
Join Mark Bumgardner who is teaching the following lessons:


All lessons are 4:30 - 6:30 PM Cost is $25 per person

Bidding Weak Twos - Thursday Oct 9th

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Discipline and Un-Discipline weak two bids. You will also learn 3 response systems to use with your weak two bids and which system to use with each method.


Bidding New Minor Forcing - Thursday Oct 16th

Are you tired of missing your major suit fits or playing in your 5-3 fit, when you should be playing in your 4-4 fit? Use this convention to find your fit and land in the right contract.


Bidding 4th Suit Forcing - Thursday Oct 23th

A must know convention for the advancing player. Use this convention to find your major suit fit, play No Trump contracts from the correct side and investigate your slams.


Declarer Play-Long Suit Play - Tuesday Oct 28th

Take advantage of those long suits to produce more tricks. Get your share of tricks by managing the long suits.


Please call Mark at 214-223-5219 or email at to sign up.