REDUCE YOUR LEARNING CURVE! - For the advancing player
Join Mark Bumgardner who is teaching the following lessons:


All lessons are 4:30 - 6:30 PM Cost is $25 per person

Game Try Bidding - Thursday Nov 20th

Use these easy to learn methods for making better game decisions. You will learn how to use help suit game try and short suit game try to make better evaluations of whether to bid game or stop in a good part score contract.


Cue Bidding - Tuesday Nov 25th

Cue bids have multiple meanings. We will be discussing three of the most common uses for cue bids. We will discuss the control showing cue bids(used in slam bidding), support showing cue bids and no trump stopper cue bids.


Bidding Unusual/Unusual - Thursday Dec 4

Unusual over unusual is used when the opponents bid the unusual 2 Notrump over your major suit opening. Learn how to show limit and forcing raises as well forcing bids in other suits.


All Kinds of Doubles - Thursday Dec 11th

Support doubles and lead directing doubles will be discussed. When to use them, who uses them and what does it take to make a lead directing double.


Smolen - Thursday Dec 11th

Smolen is used when your partner opens 1NT. It allows to check on a 4-4 fit or 5-3 fit in a major. The advantage is allowing the strong hand to be declarer without giving up finding your best fit.


There will be no classes Christmas week or New Years week. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Please call Mark at 214-223-5219 or email at to sign up.