REDUCE YOUR LEARNING CURVE! - For the advancing player

Join Mark Bumgardner who is teaching the following lessons:

Lebensohl over 1NT interference - Thursday, June 16
We will be discussing the Lebensohl convention when the opponents compete over our opening Notrump bid. Learn how to bid competitive hands, invitational hands and forcing hands. You will also learn how to use Stayman with the ability to show and deny stoppers in the opponents bid suit.


The Overall Bridge Player Series - Practice Hands to Improve Your All Around Game - Tuesday, June 7, Thursdays June 2, 16 and 23.

This will be an ongoing class on a variety of topics.

  • PLAY: Play topics will include; Hand Evaluation, Identifying Winners & Losers, Developing Long Suits, Trumping Losers, Avoiding Dangerous Opponents, Hold Up Plays, Simple Endplays, Counting and much more.
  • DEFENSE: Defensive techniques will include; Suit Preference, Counting and Attitude Signals and Basic Uppercut Techniques.
  • BIDDING: You will obtain expert tips on bidding to include; hand evaluation, cuebidding, game tries, control showing bids, stopper bids and much more.

Specific hands will be provided to illustrate the above points. After each hand, the bidding and pertinent play aspects will be discussed and you will be provided a printout of the hands and analysis. This is a great way to improve all aspects of your game and take it to the next level.


Please call Mark at 214-223-5219 or email at to sign up.

All lessons are 4:30 - 6:30 PM Cost is $25 per person